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Wouldn't you like to pay your overhead every month with at-hand cash from an average 10-day turnover rate of paid claims than having high receivables of pending claims? 

Most offices now bill electronically because it is the difference of getting paid within 10 business days electronically or 30-60 days with paper billing. Transmission reports are created each time a claim is sent electronically. These reports are an essential tool because they are an electronic paper trail for us to prove timely filing. For example, Mrs. Smith may not have notified your office that her insurance changed through her husband's company. Our clearinghouse will catch this error within hours and send a message back saying the insurance company does not have this social security number on file. This error could have been missed and denied for timely filing. Many insurances have timely filing requirements and do not hold the policy holder responsible because it is the responsibility of the doctors office to get current insurance cards. Electronic claims are paid faster, they eliminates the wait of pending claims, follow-up phone calls, and claim correction.


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