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Our mission is to allow healthcare providers to focus on patient care, rather than cash flow.

East Texas Medical Billing is a multi-faceted medical billing service offering the latest advanced billing solutions to primary & specialty providers, short & long-term facilities, DME companies (Durable Medical Equipment),and clinics.

We provide the following services:

We know how tedious and time consuming the billing process can be. Are you looking to save time, manpower and reduce administrative headaches? Let us streamline your billing process for you so you can spend more time with your patients.

When it comes to medical billing we cover all kinds of procedures including breast augmentation surgery, rhinoplasty procedures, cosmetic surgery and any other kind of operation that you can think of.

Even some more exotic procedures are covered such as hair transplants, not to mention non-surgical penis enlargement and new advancements in dieting.

For more information on the medical industry and practices check out the NHS and Wikipedia.



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